Save Your Life or Survive a Disaster With a Tornado Shelter or NBC Shelter


Advanced Shelter Concepts, LLC.


At Advanced Shelter Concepts, LLC our purpose is to offer the best Tornado and NBC shelters  built, sold and installed for           private citizens,        companies, organizations ,government or Native American Nation. We also offer the best price per square foot  because our shelters come equipped.  Our shelters are not just a steel or concrete box or honeycomb  or circular tube to crawl into, these are like having a turn key (NBC) home underground but the strength to withstand a concerted attack. We build and install the following:

*Tornado Shelters, Starting at 48 square feet, other sizes quoted, equipped with essentials.

*NBC Shelters: Starting at 960 square feet turn key, just enter and lock down, everything is there with exception of cloths. An NBC shelter can also be used as an underground safe and secure  conference room or records storage for companies wanting a high security conference room. We include satellite internet and TV and pay for the first year.

*Steel Frame Home and NBC Shelter Combinations: Starting at over 4000 total square feet. Can also be used as a safe house in out of way locations for those agencies needing a place to house CI’s.

*Basement Shelter Retrofit, turning a portion of your basement into a high security safe room with a food supplies option.

*Custom size blast doors & high security doors. Blast resistant & bullet proof .

*Panic Room-Active Shooter Safe Room Retrofit or Add in for Schools and Business. Protection for school children , teachers or employees and executives. Proprietary method of construction employed. Can withstand multiple hits  through .308 or 7.62.x 51. Available up to .50 caliber GP. Contact for further information .



On the products list page, be sure to click on “more details”  or picture to see more detail and information about product if available.


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Disclaimer: We must also tell you that we cannot guarantee your absolute safety or that you would not be killed or injured after making a purchase  of a Tornado , NBC or Safe Room shelter. During a catastrophic event no company, individual, government or other entity can guarantee this, There are always events beyond human control which supersede what we do to prevent injury or death such as natural, manmade or Acts of God or other entities

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