Advanced Shelter Concepts, LLC


Advanced Shelter Concepts builds, sells, and installs tornado shelters, NBC shelters, safe rooms, basement retrofits, and high security doors that are bullet proof and blast resistant.  If your community was or has been affected by damaging and fatal weather, or you live in a designated target area, you should contact us.

Our company logo. The three bommarangs represent wind spinning, the center repersents radiation. We protect from bothBiznik - Business NetworkingThe National Preparedness Community. Connect. Collaborate. Educate. Empower.

Save Your Life or Survive a Disaster With a Tornado Shelter or NBC Shelter Your business tag line here.

We can build to suit your shelter including handicap access. We offer high security retro fits to your home or business. Steel and Concrete, no fiberglass except as required or certain circumstances dictate.  All shelters exceed all standards for survivability. All shelters can survive winds in excess of highest recorded wind speed on earth which was May of 1999 in Oklahoma at 318 mph as recorded by Doppler RADAR. Highest non tornado record was set on Mt. Washington